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The Future of Voting System

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CRATOS Traction

CRATOS(CRTS) is a V2E (Vote To Earn) cryptocurrency designed to facilitate citizen participation in the CRATOS mobile app, a real-time live vote platform.

Cratos Korea

App downloads : 300,000+
Registered users : 110,000+
DAU & MAU : 10,000+, 61K

Cratos Global

App downloads : 300,000+
Registered users : 190,000+
DAU & MAU : 10,000+, 105K

Where to Buy

CRATOS(CRTS) is available for trading on Huobi Global,, MEXC, Bittrex Global, GOPAX, Phemex, PROBIT GLOBAL, Hoo, BitGlobal, Pancake Swap and UniSwap.

Token Reward

500 CRTS
Registration(One-time only)
Vote participation(Daily limit: 140 CRTS)
Commentation(Daily limit: 10 CRTS)
Vote generation(Daily limit: 25 CRTS)
Start Aug. 1 2022 - 00:00 AM GMT
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left until the next reward standards.
You can still earn CRTS afterwards.

End Dec. 31 2022 - 23:59 PM GMT

Token Allocation

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Mobile App

Download CRATOS APP now to start earning CRTS tokens. Available both on Android and iOS.

Each participant will obtain the amount of CRTS stated below:
(Applied from Jan 1 to Jun 30, 2022)

  • 1,000 CRTS = Registration(One-time only)
  • 50 CRTS = Vote generation(Daily limit: 50 CRTS)
  • 10 CRTS = Vote commentation(Daily limit: 50 CRTS)
  • 5 CRTS = Vote participation(Daily limit: 250 CRTS)
Global Korean


CRATOS token is an ERC-20 based token on the CRATOS app. The name comes after the origin of the word, 'Democracy'. Democracy is the combined word of 'Demos', which is 'the people' in Greek, and 'Kratis', which is 'power and rule'. Kratis came from the word, 'Kratos(Cratos)', God of War. CRATOS token is the cryptocurrency on the CRATOS app to encourage and compensate the activities including generating votes, participating in votes, and leaving comments.

No. CRATOS token has never been on ICO sale or any kind of sales. We plan to do IEO, which is Initial Exchange Offering. As planned, it may occur in 2021 Q3.

CRATOS token can be earned when you use CRATOS app. There are the certain activities for you to get CRATOS token as described below:

  • 1,000 CRTS = Registration (One-time only)
  • 50 CRTS = Vote generation (Daily limit: 50 CRTS)
  • 10 CRTS = Vote commentation (Daily limit: 50 CRTS)
  • 5 CRTS = Vote participation (Daily limit: 250 CRTS)

CRATOS is a practical crpytocurrency which can be earned and transferred on CRATOS app. CRATOS app has 280K+ downloads and 88K+ users, so compared to other currencies that have no practical usage or connection with an existing and active app, CRATOS will be more useful and have a strong connection with the active app, CRATOS.

CRATOS app is a real-time voting platform that anyone can create a vote and others can vote for it. And the result of it can be displayed with the statistics. CRATOS app has 220K+ downloads and 40K+ users by far. There are 13K+ vote topics, 50K+ comments, and 1M+ vote participations.

No. Running the app on background or so does have nothing to do with earning CRTS tokens. You will just need to do certain activies as below.

  • 1,000 CRTS = Registration (One-time only)
  • 50 CRTS = Vote generation (Daily limit: 50 CRTS)
  • 10 CRTS = Vote commentation (Daily limit: 50 CRTS)
  • 5 CRTS = Vote participation (Daily limit: 250 CRTS)

The reward for the participants will decrease as stated in the whitepaper. The best way for you to get the most out of it is to get started it now.

Yes. Anyone can participate in any votes and obtain CRTSs.

The incorrect information can be revised by your request and we will proceed your request once we check our database. Please feel free to email us at

No. CRATOS is based on the ERC 20 token. Once you receive the CRTSs, the tokens belongs to you until you do make an action of trasferring or cashing out.

No. But that does not mean you do not have the CRTSs. You need to make a transfer request so that we can transfer your CRTSs on our database to your wallet or designated address. The reason why CRTSs that users get are not on chain immediately is because the trasaction fees on ERC 20 based token are expensive. So we have set up a policy that users can make a transfer to the designated address when you have more than 50,000 CRTSs.

The major mistake of getting an error or failure in transfer request is putting an incorrect information on the transfer request form. You may want to double check all the information that you are putting in. We do not have any responsibility for you to put incorrect info.

No. You can earn as many CRTSs as possible.

On my page, there is a transfer request page. You need to put the preferred amount of CRTSs and the designated addess carefully. The mis-infomation on the form can cause a loss of your tokens, and there is nothing we can do to restore the tokens.

Your CRTSs are safe even if you lose your phone or delete the app on your phone. You may need to change your phone number or login information once you get a new number or a phone.